Ragnarok Valkyrie 3rd Job Quest Shortcut

As the title says, there is a shortcut where you don’t need to toil your heart and soul just to get to guillotine cross, Wanderer, and all those retarded 3rd class. This will be explained on the bottom.

I wasted my 3 days just to change to Wanderer. I wasted 1 day just to change to ranger and what did I get? A Green Apple Ring. That’s it. The whole 3 days just to get a depreciating item that will be useless once my job level is 30.

Job lvl 1-4 : +6 to all stats
Job lvl 5-9 : +5 to all stats
Job lvl 10-14 : +4 to all stats
Job lvl 15-19 : +3 to all stats
Job lvl 20-24 : +2 to all stats
Job lvl 25-29 : +1 to all stats
Job lvl 30+ : Egg


So why torment yourself? Just use a shortcut. I’ll tell you the NPC name when I get home.

Update: It’s Valyrie

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